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We know that sometimes things go a bit wonky in your home, but don't worry, we're ready to help!

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Below is a quick guide of how long to expect to wait for us to rectify any issues you are having in your property;


Priority 1 - Urgent or emergency call outs. We aim to respond to these within 8 hours. We would class the following as urgent - fire (don't forget to dial 999!) loss of power, a severe leak with a risk to damaging the property, or an issue with a potential security risk, or the risk of causing immediate harm to the tenant.


Priority 2 - These are repairs which will create operational problems if not dealt with swiftly, or could turn into a priority 1 case if not dealt with in good time! An example of this would be a broken oven, or washing machine. We aim to respond to these problems within a week.


Priority 3 - Routine repairs - these would be considered a low risk issue, such as a broken cupboard door, which poses no real risk to the user, and will not develop into a bigger problem! We aim to respond to these problems within 2 weeks.


All maintenance issues should be reported via our maintenance log,including any emergencies.


There are sometimes delays on priority 2 and 3 maintenance reports during the summer retainer period, when the team is busy making sure your new home is ready for your arrival! Please remember that whilst we may have worked super hard to get you an early move in date secured, July - September are busy months making sure your neighbours who are arriving after you can then move in on their chosen date as well!

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